Our Company

Building brands in Canada


A Full-Service Distribution Company

In addition to our sales and warehousing capabilities, our team of 65 full-time employees delivers knowledgeable customer service, in-store merchandising solutions, marketing activations, PR and brand engagement, and the management of Canadian eComm store-fronts.


Portfolio of World-Class Brands

We partner with Best-In-Class brands that compliment each other within the same space, providing turn-key synergies for both our customers and our brand partners.


Deep relationships across all key retail channels

We have long-term relationships with over 500 retailers across the country, from independent boutiques, to major accounts, pro sports teams, destination shops and mass retailers.


Exclusive Canadian product design & customization

Our design and production teams create special make-up styles, uniquely customized for a Canadian destination, team, venue or event.


Serving English & French Canada

With offices and showrooms in Montreal and Toronto, our fully bilingual team, fluently serves English and French customers, throughout all provinces of Canada. 


Extensive retail sell-thru support

From in-store events and displays, to PK sessions, co-op advertising, content creation and so much more, we are there to support our customers from sell-in to sell-thru.



We believe in building brands, not just selling products. Because people don’t buy products, they buy brands that mean something to them.


We believe in partnering with our retailers from sell-in to sell-thru, because a brand only fulfills its transformative potential when its products find their way into the consumer’s daily life.


& Clicks

We believe in the good that comes when eCommerce and retail stores grow together. Our schedules may require 24/7 convenience, but as people we crave the personal connection and individual attention that only a neighborhood store provides.

in Canada

We believe that it takes a team of Canadians to build a brand in Canada. Although we are small in number and seemingly similar to our neighbours, we are a distinct and diverse country, where the brands with a local market presence are the ones that truly thrive. 


No matter who you are or how we meet, we promise to deliver JOY to our customers, through our products, our people and the brand experiences we create.